We are the architects of our lives…

“We are the architects of our lives.”

I have read this quote many times over.  I accepted it as truth, believed in it whole-heartedly but was never able to consistently put into action these words of wisdom with success. What I failed to realize was that there was a key ingredient missing. An ingredient so crucial that without it our happiness would continue to be temporary and fleeting. Forever beyond our reach and constantly dependent upon those momentary experiences of joy.

SELF-LOVE : We need to learn to love every inch of ourselves. The good, the bad, and the ugly.  To completely love yourself is to accept everything that you are. If we do not take ownership of who we are, we lose ourselves to outside forces. Our self-worth becomes enslaved to those around us, and we are no longer in control of our destiny.  No longer the architect merely a construction worker building out someone else’s dreams.

My next obvious obstacle is mastering self love. How do I get there? While wasting time surfing Facebook and Instagram, I came across a video from Preston Smiles of www.prestonsmiles.com on 5 steps to loving yourself. I have watched countless videos on self-improvement, self-love, etcetera etcetera and expected this one to be the same – Have a momentary ah-ha effect that was quickly filed into my short term memory slot, never to be seen again. However, this video had a strangely profound effect on me. It was not so much what he was saying, it was how he was saying it. He projected his raw emotion with so much fervor, I could feel what he was feeling. This feeling could only be described as what self-love must feel like.  It felt nice. And better than what anyone else has ever given me. And thus, began my search to recreate these emotions for myself.

I know self-love is only one step on this journey but it is an important step towards changing my trajectory to launch me closer towards my dreams.